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Well, we got lucky! VisdomSoft was our first choice and it has been a fantastic experience. VisdomSoft went above and beyond the call of duty. This was our very first project in web development. When we started the project, we have no idea what a scope was, nor a flow; we were clueless. But we felt comfortable sending them back to the drawing board multiple times to make sure we got it right. It wasn't that they were getting it wrong - it's just very difficult to explain how we envision something working. For the most part they were building exactly what we were describing - we just weren't describing it very well. Another thing, being somewhat new to this process – Their Project manager is a fantastic visionary business person. He perceived not only technical issues before they happened; he saw the business issues before they happened. The VisdomSoft team did an incredible job of exceeding our requirements regarding the design and coding of this Order Management/CRM system.
Zak Chahal, United Kindom
VisdomSoft design and application development knowledge and expertise has not been matched by any of other companies we approached. They contacted us DAILY through the design and development of our project and responded to all emails sent within hours. We actually felt guilty about the amount of work they were dedicating to our project. Whether you are young company or an experienced businessperson, you will not go wrong hiring VisdomSoft.
Gul Zia , UAE
I really appreciate commitment, dedication and professionalism of VisdomSoft, who went above and beyond my expectations and finished in a great way. Kept working with patience on every aspect of the site, from design to programming, untill I was satisfied. It was really an important project for me but the way VisdomSoft handled it was exceptional. I strongly recommend them and am thankful for their great service.
Asif Ali, Pakistan


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